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Dingbats Between the lines Greetings everyone, today we have an exciting new quiz for Android called Dingbats - Between the lines, which we will be reviewing and providing solutions for. From easy to extremely difficult, these clever word puzzles are sure to challenge your mind and improve your vocabulary in this free word game! With over 1000 puzzles, you may need some assistance, and this page is here to help you achieve the correct answers. The collection includes funny, logical, and tricky riddles that will keep your brain active all day long. Your objective is to connect letter blocks to form a word. We have completed Music ID 24 and provided answers to aid you in completing levels when you encounter obstacles.

A genre descended from rock music, characterized by massive sound, highly amplified distortion, and overall loudness, often with extended guitar solos, and lyrics that involve violent or fantastic imagery.

The answer for this level is:

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